Eric Mott, our founder, exudes passion in everything he does. Combining a background in small business startups with a personal passion for pizza and wine, Eric has created a vision for a pizza concept destined to “feel local, and go national”. The cornerstones of this vision include great customer experiences, uncompromising product quality, technology integration, and architectural uniqueness.


Yes it’s true, we used to have a different name but now we don’t, and here’s why. Originally founded as “Doughboys”, we were a licensee of a different brand name; one local to the Boise, Idaho area. As independent operators, that brand affinity was only that; a name, built around a simplistic concept serving a very narrow market and customer type. Slyce Brands was founded and spun out independently in 2015 for good reason; we had a dramatically different vision for what we want to accomplish and did not want the baggage of another household name and its perceived value. Now, we are managing a business with a future based on our values, vision, brand identity, and superior experience.


First and foremost, it is our goal to create great customer experiences. Using our cornerstones as the foundation for growth, we can do so much more than just make pizza. Let’s face it, for some folks pizza is just pizza; for others pizza is religion! Over 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once per month, and over 23% eat pizza 2-3 times each week. Why not have the best quality products at fair prices, and in great environments that enhance your experience? Slyce Brands is doing this, and we will do it better than the “average” pizza maker. We know who we are as a company and team, and most importantly, understand we cannot be all things for all people.